The Walker Art Center

The Walker Art Center’s new addition has been completed now for a couple of weeks and is open to the public. I live a block from here, and am just now taking photos of the place – I know, I know – keep the tomatoes to yourself, please.

The rear.

More photos in the gallery.

8 thoughts on “The Walker Art Center

  1. Go figure … they put a big, gaping hole (opening) in the rear, how appropriate … sorry I just couldn’t resist. It looks like a great place. I miss being able to be so close as to walk to things like this. Anyway, have a great week!

  2. I will miss going to shows at the old Guthrie, it was such a quick drive from Uptown where my sister lived, but this looks really nice, I haven’t seen it yet, so thanks for posting the pics.

  3. It looks like a big ice cube. But I like it.

    The same architects are doing the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park that’s scheduled to open sometime within the next year. You can definitely see the similarities.

  4. so did you go inside? i’m super bummed i missed all the opening festivities and gettin there when i get back is on the top of my list……wanna go?

  5. Hey, Chris – no, I haven’t made it inside yet. I’d love to go. Thursdays are “Target free”, meaning Target sponsors on Thursdays, so there’s no admission fee. Let me know when you’re back in this hemisphere!

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