The house is clean … sorta

So my roommate had Friday off and cleaned the house, as we were expecting guests this weekend. He told me he even did all of my laundry, which is a super-special favor, as I had tons of it piled up.

Then I got home and he had framed my one year sobriety medallion, which was really cute and nice.

I went to bed pretty early on Friday night, exhausted from a long couple of weeks at work. Then I got up on Saturday morning and Dustin told me that we weren’t going to have guests afterall. I ventured into the living room and found my laundry.

This is my roommate’s idea of doing laundry. I suddenly become much less grateful for having such a great roommate.

Funny, I’m watching late night reruns of ER at the moment and they’re talking about AA. I never realized that two of the shows main characters are in the program. They’re in a diner discussing sponsorship and it’s clear they know what they’re talking about, even though the program isn’t supposed to be made public. I suppose this is somewhat of an exception because these characters are supposedly in the program and they’re just talking like I might talk with someone else in the program.

But then that got me thinking about the writers on the show. It’s crazy how many people in ‘the biz’ are in the program. It’s like a magnet for alcoholics and drug addicts. Sort of like advertising, but probably worse. 🙂

Have a great night.