Minneapolis Gay Pride 2005

Just walked around Loring Park, where the Gay Pride Festival has kicked off. Today’s theme was “Hot”.

Hot Dogs

… and Hot Dogs

Hot Red
(special bonus if you can name the guy in red!)

HOT Guys!

146 other photos from the park in the Gallery.

6 thoughts on “Minneapolis Gay Pride 2005

  1. Great photos! I always love the ‘hot’ theme, especialy the hot weiners, oops I mean hot dogs ;-P Funny you should post this as just made a ‘hot’ reference on my blog this afternooon as well. Glad the weather was nice and hopefully you had a great time 🙂

  2. Sorry, Aaron – I was just about to leave and saw you on the way home. That and there were a BAJILLION people!

    FuelGuy – Aaron already gave it away!

  3. After a quick survey of your photo abbum I think your subconscious (or maybe not so sub-conscience) is telling you that you need more canine companionship in your life. I can only say that dogs are wonderful pets and if you get one and need a sitter I’d be more than happy to help.

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