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Mary is coming

12.16.2005 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis


It’s official – Minneapolis is getting a Hamburger Mary’s! I’ve never actually been to a HMs before – just heard about them. My friend Justin actually works at the one in Vegas and he’s loving it. I had signed up to receive updates on the restaurant many moons ago and had forgotten about it until this email came in the other day.

Hi Honey,

I am sorry I haven’t written sooner, but I’ve been working my little tail off looking for the most absolutely fabulous space to have Hamburger Mary’s in Minneapolis! I won’t rest until the deal is done, and don’t worry – you’ll be the fist to know as soon as I’ve signed the dotted line!

I can’t wait to see you in my restaurant. The burgers and fries are outta this world – and don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, I’ve got great food for you too!

But I’ve been saving the best for last. Hamburger Mary’s Mpls isn’t just a restaurant – we are also Bar Stiletto where you’ll encounter the best and most diverse entertainment in the Twin Cities! And don’t even get me started on cocktails – delish, Honey, just divine!

Gotta run now, Sweetie – talk to you soon!!


11 Responses to “Mary is coming”

  1. Sounds like fun!!
    I don’t think we have those down here. hmmmmmm…

  2. We had one in Dallas for a while, it was a whole lot of fun, they have great shows and great hamburgers.

  3. I used to go to the one that used to be in Honolulu. It was always fun. Sadly, it closed several years ago.

  4. I have been to the one in Dallas, which from Courtney’s post I am assuming closed. It was fun and a good burger.

  5. They are really good. I especially loved their Guacamole Burgers

  6. We have one in Phoenix, there was also one in Scottsdale for a couple of years, about a mile from my old condo there… Its a fun homo-restaurant. A lot of it depends on the city – the one in San Diego is great and always packed, the one here in Phoenix is good, but not quite the hotspot as other cities.

  7. The one in San Diego is so much fun. I spend way too much time there. They even have a “mary cam” which broadcasts on hamburgermarys.com, so you can watch idiots like me make total fools of themselves.

  8. It is always nice to be remembered by somebody, eventhough you have forgotten about them.
    Also, wishing a speedy recovery for your father.

  9. imphaldiary, who are you?

  10. SparkleMpls,
    If I tell you who I am, I won’t be anonymous anymore and I plan to continue blogging as an anonymous person. I can see that you have visited my blog so, it should have given you some idea of who I am. To put an end to your curiosity, I can tell you that I am no aquintance of yours. I like your blog and like to post comments to show that I am enjoying every post of yours 🙂

  11. We had one in Philly about a year ago. It closed down. It was a fun place. Burgers were good.