Foreigner keeps it up

I’ve had comments guessing at the country of origin of my mystery voicemail leaver. Polish, Russian, Persian, Indian, Arabic – who knows. But here she is on Thanksgiving still trying to get a hold of somebody. I’m starting to feel bad for her because she obviously doesn’t know that she’s calling the wrong number. And here it is on Thanksgiving and she has nobody on the other end of the line to talk to.

I am grateful I am not her today.

11 thoughts on “Foreigner keeps it up

  1. Some friend you are.. here she is, still trying to reach you, and you haven’t returned even one of her calls… and yet she still tries without sounding mad or upset? Although the messages have become shorter… poor gal… lonely but still optimistic.

  2. Call her and tell her, you would want to know if your calls were being ignored or not received

  3. Too funny! A local Lutheran church accidentally put MY NUMBER on their business cards (it was one number off from theirs) so I got some fun calls for about a year. There was a lady who obviously couldn’t hear, even when I screamed in the phone. She would call every morning promptly at 6AM because she needs a ride to exercise class. After a month or so, I blocked her number from my phone.

    Brad 🙂

  4. I wanted to tell you that I received a text message at 12:51am Thanksgiving that says: Happy thanksgiving sis
    love you

    I hadn’t thought of replying. .

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