I was spammed on Friday – big surprise. Except this time, I actually read the email. It was from a certain Ryan Paul North (who can be reached at Ryan Paul was informing me of a new show that’s part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival. I guess I can forgive them for illegally emailing me since they don’t have a large marketting budget to legitimately collect email addresses with.

Anyhow, Ryan Paul was promoting this new show called Blogologue – read more about it at the Fring Festival’s website. The show description from their reads:

Presented by Hamel Road Theater Project

Blogologue – an onstage, Google driven, Web browsing, sketch comedy, multi-media experience! Born from the best and worst of online blogs (web logs), websites, e-mails, bulletin boards, videos, surfing and spam! “Accessible, funny and a well done commentary on the modern Internet community.”

The email was actually kinda cute – it had big bold letters, all centered, red type on a black background. Sorta took me back to the early days of SPAM, so maybe he did it intentionally, trying to look like amateur SPAM. Is there such a thing?

I might actually go to this. Any other interest for ye locals?

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  1. This looks pretty interesting. I’d go if I were there. Have fun, take notes, there will be a test afterwards. 😉 Happy 4th!

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