… and I am Somebody male. in my thirties. recovering alcoholic. live in minneapolis. work in progress. gay. serenity please.

Props for blogger peeps

06.18.2004 · Posted in Friends

I added a few people to my site template under the ‘friends’ list on your right.

Thanks to Andy at eleventh avenue south who put together a list of queer bloggers in the Minneapolis area and listed me!

Dunner invited me to get a gmail account seems super cool, but since friendster is so flaky we can’t seem to be friends yet 🙁

And of course Jimbo, the first person to email me after I put up my blog. He’s a bundle of energy and super nice.

Anyway, I’m going to finish up transfering my blog to a different server (I’m consolidating down to one!) and head to Wilde Roast while the transfer finishes up. Todd makes the best deserts in town!

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