High School bartime

I feel lucky to still keep in touch with a few friends from high school. A handfull go as far back as kindergarden. How awesome is it to have friends for 20 years? Even though I see them only rarely, these folks are the people who you’ll always think back to a time in your childhood and remember.

Missy is getting married tonight. Alex is from Iowa and a great find – cute, smart, stable – all of the things you’d want in a spouse. I’m really happy for them. They’re both good people and deserve each other and I’m sure they’ve got many good years together ahead of them.

Makes me wonder if I’ll ever find a match like Missy and Alex have found. Will I grow old with someone? Will I find that happiness?

More photos of tonight’s festivities are sure to come, but in the meantime I met up with some folks last night at the hangout south of the river in the Twin Cities metro area – Champps in Bursnville. While the decor, menu, atmosphere, and everything else you’d want in a bar / restaurant may be lacking, it sure made up for it with HOT college-aged guys.

Kate and Steph @ Champps in Burnsville

2 thoughts on “High School bartime

  1. Dan, you know the drill, as soon as you no longer think you need someone you will find them. You have alot to offer another person, you are just taking the necessary time to discover these things yourself.
    Best to not create schedules for yourself. Remember the line, if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.

  2. Some of my very dear and best friends are from High School. In fact my best friend and I met the summer before we started high school in a math class. There are about 9 of us and we still hang out – no matter what!
    I hear ya on the partner/boyfriend/lover/spouse thing. I am sure it will happen…in God’s time.

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