Bloggers Unite(d)!

Today I learned how to play scrabble! You might be asking yourself, “Why does a 25 year-old need to learn how to play scrabble – doesn’t everyone know how to play scrabble?” Well, I’m living proof that not every 25 year-old knows, but perhaps now all of them do, since I learned!



And who had the patience to teach me (but then totally kick my ass in the scoring)? My fellow bloggers! We had our first blogger-get-together at Aaron’s house. We snapped a few photos, to prove to anyone who cares, how real we are.

It was a good time. I’d met some of them before, but some were new. Very normal group of people. And Aaron has a couple of really cute dogs, but I didn’t get any pictures of them.

Mighty, Mike, Jim, Wanda, Eric, and Chris were mysteriously absent and still have yet to prove themselves real.

More photos in the gallery.