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12.14.2005 · Posted in Family

I’m happy to report that my father is doing well today. Though they’re still not certain what actually caused his “cardiac incidents” they have inserted a permanent pacemaker / defribulator to address the symptom – his heart stopping. Thank you all for the kind words through this. I was really taken aback from all of the comments my last post received – it’s been my most popuplar post yet! I’ll likely be bringing my parents home today or tomorrow.

13 Responses to “Grattitude”

  1. That is great news he is doing well. 🙂

  2. I’m glad that your dad is doing better!

  3. That’s great news, Dan. Continued well wishes on your father’s recovery!!

  4. Glad to hear that things are looking up for your family. Thanks for sharing. Best.

  5. Glad your dad is better. Hang in there!

  6. I have a good friend (68 years old) who’s had a defibrillator for over five years. It works well for him.

    I was touched by your comments on how grateful you are to be sober at a time like this. It shows wisdom beyond your years.

  7. It’s great that he’s back home. R&R. Christmas this year should be quite special.

  8. Great news, Dan!

    (Doing my little happy dance)

  9. glad to hear of your good news

  10. You are showing great strenght throught this. Good for you!!
    Great to hear about the good news

  11. That’s great news!

  12. good to hear about your dad.

  13. Hi there… was out looking for other middle-America blog sites and came across yours. Just wanted to say Hi, and that my Mom also has an implanted difibrilator. She’s been doing great with it for years. In fact, she just recently went in to have her batteries replaced (I think that’s a hoot).

    Wishing godspeed to his recovery…