The Day After Tomorrow

I went to the Minnesota Gopher State Roundup this evening – a big AA convention at the Sheritan (formerly Radisson South) at 494 and 100. It continues again tomorrow and goes through Sunday. It was okay. I got there late (phone didn’t wake me from my nap) and ended up having to stand at the back of the room to listen to the speaker. She was pretty cool. 30+ years of sobriety and still cracking jokes that made me laugh. I particularly liked the one about how acrobatic and flexible she became after her escapades in an old Ford convertible. She was about 65 – 70 years old and I love dirty old women 😉 Then we went around to the various hospitality suites where I discovered they were broadcasting the speaker. Wish I would have known I could have sat down with cookies, diet coke and the company of fellow alchies while laughing – it would have made for a much better time. Walked around for a while. Saw some friends I’ve made from treatment and meetings. Saw several hotties – which, as it turns out, is becoming quite the added bonus to sobriety. It’s not all just meetings, coffee and cigarettes – there are actually HOT men to be met! And the straight ones – they’re all so sensitive and real. There’s nothing sexier than a hot, sensitive, spiritual, straight man.

Went to a movie after wards with my sponsor and friend Chris. It was the WORST movie I’ve seen in a long time. The height of my night was really Gopher State, but notice I’m still resentful that I spent ten bucks on this piece of shit movie. It’s called The Day After Tomorrow with hottie Jake Gyllenhaal. I hope for my sake that his career isn’t over as he’s quite the cutie and I’d like to continue seeing him on the big screen. The movie was a lot like Deep Impact from 1998 with Elijah Wood. End of the world with a love story and other sub-dramas going on. Oh, and I forgot – the producers spent all of their money on just-okay special effects and everything else in the film sucked.

Anyhow, I’m letting go and letting God. There are more important things to spend my time on than getting worked up over how terrible it was, and besides, I am somebody.