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Speeding in Paris

06.23.2005 · Posted in Entertainment

Ever wonder what it would be like to speed through Paris in the wee hours of the morning, just before sunrise? Neither have I, but Rendezvous, a French short film, exemplifies it. Paris landmarks whiz by as the driver weaves in and out of traffic, ignores red lights, pushes their vehicle to its performance limit threshold around the round-abouts and nearly misses other drivers and pedestrians. Not sure how they filmed it legally, but it’s damn cool.


4 Responses to “Speeding in Paris”

  1. oh GOD! I almost tossed my Raisin-Bran on this one…WHAT a ride!

  2. Diana, Princess of Wales tried that and look where it got HER!

  3. i want to go to paris. dan, when shall we leave?

  4. Myke – as soon as you pay for my trip, I’m there! 😉