Paris in the Spring

Paris Hilton

I just love Paris in the Spring. Paris Hilton, that is. Especially when she’s chomping on a HUGE unhealthy fastfood concoction that she’d never eat without an enormous binging session shortly thereafter.

Okay, so seriously, where did this chick come from? She’s completely famous – and for what? All for being a party girl. That’s right. Apparently all you have to do these days is be seen at all the right nightclubs on the sunset strip.

Oh yeah, and be filthy rich. And have a secretly video-taped sex session released on the internet. And have an anorexic figure. And be blonde. And fuck all the right guys.

I’m not bitter or jealous – really, I’m not. I think all of the gigs she’s gotten, publicity she’s reveled in, and money she’s been paid just to show up at places is all great! It’s funny. Anna Nicole funny.

4 thoughts on “Paris in the Spring

  1. You better know that what she believes in fun today, she will pay for ten times over once she is no longer cute. How much serenity and peace of mind can she possibly have now? Probably none and mostly likely never will have. So she can have what she has. I’ll keep my life, thank you very much.

  2. Paris is one of the smartest celebs to come along recently. Not only has the woman gone from complete obscurity to mega celebrity. She’s created a brand identity on par with Oprah, Madonna, and Michael Jackson.

    As someone who’s worked in advertising for a few years, I can see the madness behind any brand that would get involved with Paris Hilton. When Paris wears a hot pink Juicy sweat suit, Saks sells oodles. When Paris states that her favorite restaurant in NYC is “Butter”, they’re booked out for weeks (I know).

    I think celebs and “every day” people out there judge her for being her, because they didn’t have the smarts or the resources to capitalize on their “brand” first.

    Hilton is a brand synonymous with class and sophistication. Paris Hilton has made the name “Hilton” synonymous with “hot”.

  3. I am jealous of Paris Hilton even as I offer strange internet worship for her. She is young, rich and pretty. Also, mention of her name allows me to wield eldritch powers as people flinch and try to change the subject.

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