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Bobby & Whitney

09.17.2005 · Posted in Entertainment

I love that shows like Being Bobby Brown are on the air. It shows how ridiculous it is that society worships celbrities.


I just couldn’t take looking at these two anymore. My blog is setup as my browser’s homepage and everytime I’d open up a new window I’d see those two dancing. If you want to see them, you still can.

13 Responses to “Bobby & Whitney”

  1. See my comment on Jim’s blog from Friday regarding Mr. Brown.

  2. Why do people worship freaks?

  3. This is one terrible show. The episode when they were letting out their guts from eating too much.. and talking about the backup of gas.. and having to take a big shit…

  4. ohhhh its moving. too trippy.

    anyways leave whitney alone. she’s gone through enough…

  5. LOL … When I first saw the video you posted I was expecting to see him hit her or something scandalous. This show is rediculious.

  6. So true! People are mexmorized by this shit.

  7. What’s even sadder is that people watch it and aren’t getting the message that it’s ridiculous. They are actually enjoying it.

  8. I cannot believe how ghetto her life is …

  9. They Are Crazy

  10. it’s the ultimate train wreck.

  11. jeezus, that woman’s arms are too farging skinny.

    honey, go make yourself a SANDWICH.


  12. Its like a car wreck….you just cant help but watch it!

  13. i enjoy bobby and whitney’s show. they are being themselves and people aren’t ready to see the real deal. if you don’t like the dam show don’t watch it.it’s that plan and simple.