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Anna Nicole no more?

05.05.2005 · Posted in Entertainment

Does anyone know if Anna Nicole has been cancelled for good? I’m gonna miss her! I just got an email today from her fanclub – you can now get season 1 on DVD!

7 Responses to “Anna Nicole no more?”

  1. Two words: “Bobby Trendy”–Please put down the tweezers and step away from the lip gloss. Did ‘Sugar Pie’ survive Season One!?

  2. I got that email too. I thought it was off the air a long time ago; I was really confused.

  3. How I miss Anna, last time I saw her she wasn’t all there if you know what I mean


  4. It’s been available on DVD for a couple of years! But I just bought it at Target for only $13! It’s hilarious! I’m trying to find Season 2…

  5. what will America do without Bobbi Trendy?

  6. I know … Bobbi Trendy was a major downside to the show. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.

  7. He’s still around. He has a shop in Beverly Hills or West Hollywood or somewhere nearby. Definite pop culture trash though.