Anna Chlumsky smiled at me

I was at Spyhouse this morning around 9:00 getting my coffee, settling in with my Sunday newspaper. There were two or three people in line for their morning energy-rush. I was across the room huddled behind the bar. It occurred to me that I’d neglected to grab a napkin on my way past the condiment station, so I got up. I heard the door slam as another patron entered. As I rounded the bar to grab my napkins, I caught a glimpse of the past walking by me.

Could it be her? No … Sunday morning, in my neighborhood coffee shop in south Minneapolis? Not possible.

I grabbed my napkin and headed back to my nest. The girl had turned around and was heading back my way. She smiled at me. It was a genuine smile, almost flirty, but it just seemed that way because there was so much heart behind it.

I smiled back and sat down, only to watch her leave the way she came – the door slamming behind her. A few flecks of snow coming down on May Day outside.

I don’t know if it was really her. I wonder who or what she was looking for that she left so quickly, acknowledging only myself in her short jaunt inside. I haven’t seen her on screen for years – that smile alone could make her a star.

10 thoughts on “Anna Chlumsky smiled at me

  1. ok. i don’t know who that anna is. am i behind the times?

    btw — you people in the upper midwest all the way down to colorado kill me. how do y’all take this cold weather all the way in to may???

    it was a sunny sunny 68 today so far which is actually a bit mild this time of year!

  2. That is really funny that you /may/ have seen Ms. Chlumsky in Spyhouse. I agree with Mr. Myke above. You’re at _least_ as cute.

    If you see her again, get an autograph for me 🙂

  3. Hey, Dunner – Spyhouse still does very well. Even I appreciate the cleaner air in there – it was hard to breathe or see in that place at times. In fact, I think that there are actually more people coming there now that they know it’s not smokey – my guess is that their business will actually increase due to the smoking ban.

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  6. let the randomness ensue. i found your site through 20sum and was looking through the archives when i found this entry. just thought i’d comment to say i know her mother, nancy chlumsky, who’s a music teacher at a school near my house. i’ve never met anna, though.

    also, i was surprised to see you went to pride for recovery. i just finished the memoir “dry” by augusten burroughs (that’s definitely not spelled correctly) and he went to the same place. you should check it out, and his other memoir “running with scissors”, if you haven’t yet done so.

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