Hello, Moto!

I’ve always been a fan of Motorola’s RAZR campaign. The “Hello, Moto” line is hillarious. I find myself saying it whenever I’m feeling silly. It’s not so much the contents of the sentence, but the way it’s said – a youthful, synthetic voice with an air of mischievousness in it. And shortening the Motorola name […]


Pro-bono clients are great because you’re generally given a much higher degree of what’s called “creative license.” This is an example of a piece of work my agency put out for a pro-bono client – a racetrack in rural MN. The idea behind the campaign was “speedy”. Imagine seeing this on the side of the […]


I have goo days and bad days at the office. I really just need to be grateful that I work where I do – we get to do fun things like this. See the rest of ’em at www.MessinWithSasquatch.com.

Advertising 2.0

Our world is filled with ads. They’re everywhere you are. It’s nearly impossible to browse the ‘net these days without seeing advertisements littering your favorite sites. Magazines are published solely for the purpose of selling ad space (one must wonder about the merit of the editorial content). But with the advent of technologies like TiVo, […]