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Leaping Lumberjacks

12.07.2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

Some of the guys and myself ventured up to Stacy, MN today in blizzard conditions to chop down a couple of Christmas Trees. This is our second annual trip and we were happy to see the petting zoo make a return appearance this year, along with Santa! Stuart wouldn’t come out of the car for ...

The Dark Night

07.20.2008 · Posted in Entertainment, Uncategorized

I saw the midnight showing of The Dark Night on Friday morning at Block E in Minneapolis. They were showing it on at least three screens – and this theatre isn’t usually all that crowded. Young guys jumped at the opportunity to wear makeup, coming out in full Joker-drag. I saw at least twenty of ...

So I finally broke down

07.30.2004 · Posted in Uncategorized

… and got a camera phone! But only because the damned thing is so tiny and cute. Plus it has a speakerphone, which I’ve always wanted in a cell phone. I also switched back to Nokia. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the pleasure of owning a Nokia and I love it! I ...

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