Progressive, yet drunken, Mayor of Duluth

If you live within driving distance of Duluth, it makes a great weekend getaway destination. Canal Park is a quaint neighborhood containing restaurants, bars, boutiques and parks. Downtown is a short jaunt up the hill. Mansions line the road to the north, lakeshore properties along the largest lake in the world. Duluth is a relatively […]

These polls are scary

I’ve heard tons of stuff in the news about the polls lately. This site tends to be fairly non-biased and shows a nifty pictorial of the country and how it’s voting. It’s amazing to me how many people can vote for W. Click on the image for a larger version. I was talking to a […]

Wax Bush!

An email from my friend Jules just came in: Ladies & Gents Want Bush out of office? Put your bikini line (or that of the one you love) where your mouth is. A friend is helping to sponsor this and they need your help! TONIGHT appts still available A waxing event at Spot Spa Boutique […]