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God Rest Your Soul, Tammy Faye

07.22.2007 · Posted in In the news

Tammy Faye Bakker died Friday after a decade-long battle with Cancer. She was 65. After a lifetime of helping people and years of public ridicule and shame, she continued to put a smile on her face and mascara on her eyes at all times. A spectacular ability to stay positive in light of arduous circumstances, ...

Google quiety supporting fight against global warming?

04.23.2007 · Posted in In the news, Technology

Google frequently changes its logo during holidays, special events, or what have you. Today I noticed the regular old Google logo at their landing page: You can see all of their previous logos online. Today, on their search results page, where the logo is found in a smaller version at the upper-left corner, they have ...

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Boom Boom no more?

08.11.2006 · Posted in In the news

Being in recovery, one might think it’s strange that I’m writing about such an odd topic, but I’m an odd person – I’m allowed. If you’re gay and you’ve spent any time in Southern California, God help you if you haven’t visited the Boom Boom Room – Laguna Beach’s original gay bar. In a former ...

Understatement of the week

07.31.2006 · Posted in Friends, Home / Minneapolis, In the news, Recovery

It’s official – we’ve hit 100 degrees for the first time in 11 years. Can it be over now? I’m tired of stepping foot outside and instantly sweating! I’d take 40 below any day of the week. But honestly, I should really have something better to talk about than the weather, but I don’t. Life ...

Global Warming

01.05.2006 · Posted in In the news

Is global warming a farse, or is it based in truth? Who do you believe? The scientific community, or George W. Bush? It is going to hit the mid 30s today in Minneapolis. And it’s January, historically the coldest month of the year for us. Normally you can expect zero degrees, and if you’re lucky, ...

Progressive, yet drunken, Mayor of Duluth

12.18.2005 · Posted in In the news, Opinions, Recovery

If you live within driving distance of Duluth, it makes a great weekend getaway destination. Canal Park is a quaint neighborhood containing restaurants, bars, boutiques and parks. Downtown is a short jaunt up the hill. Mansions line the road to the north, lakeshore properties along the largest lake in the world. Duluth is a relatively ...

Steve, The Dell Guy

10.11.2005 · Posted in In the news

Playbill Magazine has an interview with Ben Curtis, a.k.a. Steve, the “Dell Guy.” Items of note: 1. He went through a time of depression after doing the Dell campaign when he used marijuana heavily 2. His father came out of the closet and left his mother when he was in his teens 3. He’s playing ...

“They deserved to die”

09.16.2005 · Posted in In the news

For those of you reading from out of the area, there’s a trial going on in Wisconsin right now regarding the murder of 6 hunters. They were (allegedly) shot by a sole hunter – a guy named Vang. Vang claims he was harassed by these men and that they called him racist names. It’s sad ...