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09.11.2008 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

I spent nearly an hour trying to get from my home on the south end of downtown to pick up my buddy Rambo on the north end. In Minnesota there is a running joke about our climate; we have only two seasons – Winter and Road Construction. I complain about the road construction every summer ...

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The Bad Waitress and me

09.26.2007 · Posted in Autobiographical, Home / Minneapolis

Broke my usual habit of going to Vera’s this evening to stop in at The Bad Waitress. I like it here. Good, cheap food. Jukebox. dimly lit. Free wireless. No-nonsense staff, who, despite the name, are actually pretty cool. I stole the image off their website. Nobody sue me, please. There are young, just-turned 21 ...

Calhoun from Zen

09.08.2007 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

My friend Mark took this photo of Lake Calhoun after getting out of a meditation meeting at the Minnesota Zen Center. The photo was taken using his iPhone, so the resolution isn’t of superb quality, but the end result is beautiful nonetheless. ...

I-35W Bridge Collapse

09.05.2007 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

On Labor Day I rode down to the bridge site with my friend Jason. I had made the trip once before, the weekend after the collapse, but at that time my camera’s batteries were dead and they weren’t allowing anyone close enough to see anything. This turned out to be the weekend they opened the ...

Neo American Gothic

04.26.2007 · Posted in Friends, Home / Minneapolis

Local gay rag, Lavender Magazine, has a great shot of a classic American Gothicl setting, except husband and wife are the same person here. I believe this is the debut performance of duo persona Brad Traynor / Wanda Wisdom. ...

Box Village

04.22.2007 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

Friday night I drove by Plymouth Congregational Church on Franklin and Nicollet Avenues. The parking lot was filled with spectators, a lit stage was on one side with a couple of people addressing the crowd. A Fox 9 new van was parked in the corner of the lot with its satellite extended. A stage was ...

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Understatement of the week

07.31.2006 · Posted in Friends, Home / Minneapolis, In the news, Recovery

It’s official – we’ve hit 100 degrees for the first time in 11 years. Can it be over now? I’m tired of stepping foot outside and instantly sweating! I’d take 40 below any day of the week. But honestly, I should really have something better to talk about than the weather, but I don’t. Life ...

Mary is coming

12.16.2005 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

It’s official – Minneapolis is getting a Hamburger Mary’s! I’ve never actually been to a HMs before – just heard about them. My friend Justin actually works at the one in Vegas and he’s loving it. I had signed up to receive updates on the restaurant many moons ago and had forgotten about it until ...

Foreigner keeps it up

11.24.2005 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

I’ve had comments guessing at the country of origin of my mystery voicemail leaver. Polish, Russian, Persian, Indian, Arabic – who knows. But here she is on Thanksgiving still trying to get a hold of somebody. I’m starting to feel bad for her because she obviously doesn’t know that she’s calling the wrong number. And ...