I’m in London. 29 and I’ve finally ventured beyond North America. I’m traveling with my friend, Fabian, who knows the city rather well – which has proven quite useful. In two days we’ve been to see Saunders and French at the Drury St Theatre for their farewell show. In fact, we saw it the night […]


I was tagged by my friend Tim Brunelle, to post this meme. It’s been a while and this one looked fun, so I’ve obliged. Others in this storm include Matt Dickman, Valeria Maltoni, and Ann Handley. 4 PLACES I’VE BEEN In the shower of the Presidential Suite at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Just […]


I’ve never been a fan of school. I was always too antsy to sit through class. I was rarely interested in what the teacher was talking about, but tried desperately to convince them that that I was right there with ’em. In high school I used to go to an extra class in the morning, […]


Apple – MacBook Air – Design I’ve been a diehard PC user since I was four. I’ve used Mac’s here and there over the years, mostly in school and at the workplace. I’ve never felt totally comfortable with them. Either the software I need is available for the Mac or I feel like the options […]