BMW SUVs and serenity in the north

Jim told his story tonight at Hazelden. He did a great job. He’s an awesome speaker, getting both laughs and applauses. It’s quite an honor to be asked to speak at the treatment center that’s pretty much invented the current 28 day treatment program prescribed to most sufferring alcoholics and addicts. I’d never been up […]

Google ads oopsies

I tend to use the word “Republican” too often in my posts. I say this because Google is always serving up ads targetted at Republicans. Case in point is this ad that appeared today. Apparently ‘college republicans’ are so worthless they’re auctioning them off to the highest bidder! Somebody quick – call Dubya and tell […]

Sharing sex toys

I think the business model behind Netflix is pure genius, which is probably why it caught on so quickly, and eventually forced Blockbuster to follow suit. … but now this company is also following in Netflix’s steps! You subscribe to their service for $20 / month. Then you order away … Here are some of […]

Sioux me

You’ll have to add this to the many reasons I’ll be suffering in Hell for eternity, but I just couldn’t resist. Our local paper here – the Minneapolis Star Tribune recently ran an article publicizing the display of a rare treaty made between the federal government and the native Sioux leaders. This photo was featured […]