Hello, Moto!

I’ve always been a fan of Motorola’s RAZR campaign. The “Hello, Moto” line is hillarious. I find myself saying it whenever I’m feeling silly. It’s not so much the contents of the sentence, but the way it’s said – a youthful, synthetic voice with an air of mischievousness in it. And shortening the Motorola name […]

Ads by Google

I’m a self-proclaimed google geek. The technologies and innovations they develop are simple, yet useful. I love them. However, I’m not quite sure what prompted this ad to appear on my website.

Vanilla Ice – a Star?

I’ve seen this banner all over myspace lately. I can’t pull myself past that imaginary line to actually click on it. Questions arise – what sort of company would associate themselves with this guy? And furthermore, what sort of person would actually want to date him? I fear that the answer to this last self-posed […]

Amazon recommends …

I’ve always been a big fan of amazon.com. Yes, they’re bad for the locally-owned bookstore, and that’s unfortunate. It’s always great to see when the little guy goes online to sell their wares via Amazon’s partner programs. However, Amazon has done a lot to pioneer some of the best e-commerce targetting strategies out there. As […]