Where’d the weekend go?

Once again I found myself starting my weekend laundry at 10:00pm on Sunday night. At least I got it started this weekend – that’s a first for the past four weeks.

I spent a majority of my weekend assembling IKEA furniture for a friend’s new sober home.

I’ve been planning to open one of my own for quite some time, just waiting for the finances to fall in line right now. I’m really excited at the opportunity of helping other people out with their sobriety by providing a safe place for them to live after treatment. I think it’ll be beneficial for their program, as well as my own.

A good friend of mine lost his job this weekend. Having just gone through it myself I feel sympathetic. It’s not a fun thing to have to go through. I was able to get through it pretty well, which I’m sure is because of the help I’ve gotton through AA. I hope that my buddy is able to do the same.

I went to both a spaghetti dinner AND a pancake breakfast at a local church this weekend. It took me back to the times in my youth when I volunteered for similiar events held by my church at the local VFW. I felt so proud to be able to bus dishes, refill coffees, and go back and forth between the kitchen and dining areas. It was fun to help out even if I didn’t get paid. Thinking about it now, I was probably more proud than anything at the time – I felt important. Now it’s nice to do those things because you’re helping people – it’s great to be given the opportunity to help others… much more rewarding than I’d ever thought it was prior to entering the program. I also attended the last planning meeting for the upcoming Minnesober event – if you’re planning on going, please register! Check out the website for information on the event.