They grow up quickly, don’t they?

I had the opportunity to visit with some childhood friends this afternoon. You see, my parents moved out of the house I grew up in some five years ago. Prior to them moving I was rarely around either. So to see some of the old neighbors and the kids, was quite a treat.

We all gathered in a back yard along the lake. Sun-shading tent pitched with tables galore. The kids playing horseshoes and running around terrorizing adults. Potato salad, fruit salad, eggbake, bagels – it was a strange assortment of food. And thankfully they had plenty of chocolate that needed to be eaten before it melted.

Clear sky and 80 degrees by the lake. It really brought back memories of growing up. The innocence. Freedom of responsibility. Naivety. Ignorance really is bliss.

The little girl I used to babysit graduated highschool – she had tits! She was wearing a low-cut, but not tacky, top. She had friends surrounding her. Her younger brother who I had also watched had grown too. Cute curly blonde hair – he’s now sixteen! The last time I saw him he was seven years old and still sucking his thumb. I’ve got to think he must have done some permanent damage to his skin by the measure of time that thumb was housed in his mouth.

I got to spend some time with my “second mother” – the woman who watched my brother and I before and after school for many, many years. Wonderful lady.

The doctor’s wife had kicked him out of the house for cheating, when she was at home raising the four daughters. She had a new boyfriend who seemed much more her style. I hope she’s happier now. She still has her horses.

The next door neighbor died on Wednesday. He had some sort of cancer. He left a wife and two kids. I never really got along well with them, but I was a kid – does that really count? Now I feel sorry for them. They had to watch him suffer for six months before he finally passed.

The lesbians living in our old house weren’t there. Ahhh well – no need for flannel on such a beautiful day anyhow, right? Okay, alright, already – I’m going straight to hell, I know.

I couldn’t get over how much these kids had grown. As I drove away out of the old neighborhood, a feeling of my own age and mortality hit me. I’m a fuck’n grown-up now. They say that time flies when you’re having fun. Today I’m having fun.

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