Thursday brought an end to an insane week. Insanity seems to surround me, but that’s what keeps me going I guess – trying to manage it all. Sometimes the challenge is fun, and sometimes it’s not. I was happy the week was over.

From work, I headed over to Dinkytown for a dinner at the Chinese restaurant on 4th street near the Loring Pasta Bar with some friends. Richard had organized a group of friends to see the latest show at the Varsity Theater next door.

I walked into the restaurant and there must have been 30 – 40 people there! I was imagining only six or seven, so I was a little surprised. Richard picked up everyone’s dinner and paid for the tickets to the show.


The theatre was a fun experience. It’s been redecorated and overstuffed furniture is scatterred in a blackbox fashion amidst the stage. The show was called The Artificial Jungle. It was a funny show, but Jim was bored. We both got naps in – the furniture was too comfy not to fall asleep at the end of a hard week!

Richard is such a generous, good, loving guy – he picked up the tab for the dinner and the show for everyone. I’m grateful people like Richard are in my life today.

Today I slept in – until 8:30am – woo hoo! Stopped in at Spyhouse for some coffee and crosswords, and then headed over for my 11:00 hair appointment at Tommy’s on Lake – formerly Schmidty’s. My stylist was running behind on his appointments, so I got to spend an extra 20 minutes gawking over the new guy behind the front counter. I didn’t quite catch his name, but I thought I heard somebody call him Austin. What is with guys named “Dallas” or “JR” or “Austin” – all things I associate with Texas or Dallas – they’re all cute!

Stopped in at home with every intention of changing and running over to the gym, but I ended up vegging out on the couch for 5 hours. I know, I know – napping on a sunny day and waking up on the couch to a Lifetime Television film is not very glamorous.

Decided I was too tired to contemplate the gym, so I headed over to Vera’s to grab a piece of cake and relax. Substituting cake for the gym certainly isn’t recommended, but this was carrot cake, so it’s healthy, right? Aaron stopped in and I had a nice chat with him. I haven’t seen him in months, so it was nice to catch up with him. He’s such a good egg.

Caught the last half of a non-air conditioned meeting (note to self: wait until winter to go back to that meeting!) and went to dinner afterwards with those folks. Talked to Wanda there for a while. She had foreign podcasters in town – I think they’re planning on taking over the world, or something equally dubious.

I’m finishing up my evening where I started the day off – Spyhouse. Dim lights here tonight with some unknown rockband being broadcast from the speakers. And the best part – the uber-hot guy sitting near me with a ripped sleaveless t-shirt, ripped jeans, shaved head, a road construction worker tan – a total badass, you know the kind who are ruthless in bed. And guess what he’s doing tonight? He’s fucking water coloring!

Since when do the guys of my dreams sit alone in a coffee shop on a Friday night water coloring??? Ahh, such is life – and life is good.

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  1. …now we need to find a way to get this construction/artist to hang out at Vera’s. I need INSPIRATION while I’m working!!! *grin*

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