The Bad Waitress

Broke my usual habit of going to Vera’s this evening to stop in at The Bad Waitress. I like it here. Good, cheap food. Jukebox. dimly lit. Free wireless. No-nonsense staff, who, despite the name, are actually pretty cool. I stole the image off their website. Nobody sue me, please.

There are young, just-turned 21 MCAD students surrounding me – sensibly sipping on wine and beer. Ironic – they’re Kurt Cobain lookalike art students who don consignment shop wares and they look surprisingly like 80s yuppies right outta St. Elmo’s Fire. They’re just missing the cigarettes.

Had a killer headache at work today and went home planning to go to bed. Of course that didn’t happen. The new laptop sucked me in – begging me to play with it. That and I whiped my old machine and finally let curiosity get the better of me – installed Ubuntu. We’ll see how that goes. So far it’s cool because it’s new, but I’m not sure that it’s really practical for me to stick with it.

My tuna melt just arrived.

3 thoughts on “The Bad Waitress and me

  1. “installed Ubuntu…”

    So did I. I’m in the process of converting from Winblows to Ubuntu. I’d be curious what you think. Did you set up your system to dual-boot?

  2. Namenlosen – I actually used a package called “Wubuntu” that installs on your WindowsXP machine just like any other application. It actually creates its own hard drive partition for you and has its own boot manager. It worked out great, though my curiosity in Ubuntu lasted only but a week. I found that I’m pretty content with Windows, and while I will have an occasional problem, I found it a hassle to find applications, work with files, etc. in a foreign system – so perhaps it’s just that I’m more comfortable with Windows.

    The other issue that I was surprised by was how “bloated” Ubuntu seemed to me. It’s probably just my own preconceived idea that Linux systems are sleeker, more efficient, and faster, but I found that not to be the case with Ubuntu. I was running it on a P4 with 1 GB RAM, and found it to be roughly the same speed as WindowsXP.

    Expectations – resentments in the making!

  3. I would try Linux Mint in lieu of Ubuntu, same distribution, but easier to use. And the first thing I would do is (a) install a better video driver (this will speed things) and (b) download the Beryl window manager. This will give you a windowing environment that rivals Mac OS X. Examples here:

    You need to tweak Linux in order to get performance gains. You should have a spare computer that you can muck around with and just explore. Eventually you’re going to find that the utility of a Linux system will far outpace Windows. The beauty of Linux is the community of free software that surrounds it. The bigger the community, the more applications you have at your disposal. And what’s even better is that all of your applications will always be the latest and greatest. You will eventually find that you’ll be more productive and get more stuff done on a Linux desktop. Impossible to believe, but totally true. I’ve been doing this for 3 years now and only use Windows (running in VMware on Linux) to do my taxes or interact with work.

    There are tons of distributions that are much peppier than Ubuntu. I personally find that Arch Linux beats them all. But it’s a difficult installation. I would recommend only once you’re comfortable.

    Give Linux another shot when you’re feeling bored. 🙂

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