Woke up around 11:00 today. Played around on the ‘net and ended up updating my paypal profile when I came upon it’s billpay feature – I love it. Now, I usually consider myself to be on the ‘up and up’ when it comes to the ‘net, but I’ve always been hesitant to pay bills online – mostly because I don’t want my bills to come out of my account until the last possible minute. I ended up setting up most of my bills in their system – I was really impressed to find that I could arrange payments for my cell phone, credit cards, mortgage, and even my car’s lease payment! Now I can wait until the last day and just click a button to make the payment – which makes it much easier to sit down and pay bills when I know that I don’t have to sit down for an hour, sort through all of the paperwork and just click buttons – and who doesn’t love clicking buttons?

My buddy David’s blog is up at www.soberjunkie.com – go check him out. He’s a great guy, and my grand-sponsor in AA as well.

I went to Spy House and did coffee and crosswords around noon.

The afternoon was spent working. Then I went over to a buddy’s house and had some faboo chicken curry that his boyfriend had made. I was late for dinner and my friend was upset. He said it was disrespectful. And honestly, I know it is. I get worked up when people are late, so I understood his frustration. I guess I have to work on that. We watched some of the 3rd season of Sex and the City. I’ve decided that I still think Steve, Miranda’s boyfriend, was the most attractive guy on the show – he’s so normal and cute!

From there I went to my Sunday night meeting where the guys had baked me a cake and surprised me for my one year sobriety anniversary – though they were a couple of days early 😉 It was so nice, though – it was truly pleasant, and the cake was chocolate – my favorite!

After the meeting I headed home and have been working since. About to hit the sack to get enough sleep for another busy week at work.