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Schitzo Saturday

02.06.2005 · Posted in Autobiographical

Had a busy Saturday. Finally got my hair cut. I was about 4 weeks over-due. It was getting so long that for the past couple of days I decided to wear it ‘down’ and received numerous compliments on my ‘new hair cut.’

Went to a friend’s house for his surprise birthday party. Great friends, food and fun was had.

It was Jim’s six year sobriety anniversary today, so 14 of us went over to Mission and had dinner. It was great food! Expensive, but good.

Here are a few samples of the food, caught on my camera phone.



Beef Tenderloin


The night ended with a movie at David’s house – who’s blog I just helped setup. He’ll be found at www.soberjunkie.com in a day or two (or as soon as the domain has a chance to resolve).

Tomorrow I hope to sleep in and then get an early start on the work week.

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