I’ve been neglecting my blogging lately. I suppose it’s because I had a routine down prior to getting laid off… I always had my window of time when I blogged. Now that my routine’s been thrown out of whack, I’ve had trouble finding the time, or being in the right mood, to blog.

Things are going pretty good. I’ve been in good spirits. Still have a few different avenues to explore. I’m not sure that I’m going to re-enter the advertising world right now, but if something came along, I probably wouldn’t turn it down.

Looking into opening a franchise. Looking into going into real estate. Just not sure which direction I want to go in right now, so I’m just talking to people and trying to learn from their experiences.

I had a former client of mine IM me today. He had just left on a two week vacation when I was laid off, and just returned to work. He was really bummed that I wouldn’t be around anymore. He promised to call me next time he was in town and take me out for cocktails. He doesn’t know (yet) that I’m sober now… so that was a sort of odd conversation. I didn’t really address it directly and just skirted around the drink issue.

The chiropractor visits have increased in frequency – I’m now going 3 times a week instead of just 2. It’s absolute heaven! I hadn’t had a massage in a while, either, but being short on funds, was hesitant to splurge on one. I decided to call The Aveda Institute and get a student massage. It’s pretty discounted – only $54 for an hour and twenty minutes. I got there and ended up getting an 80 pound girl who was only on her FIRST DAY of massage. It totally sucked – she didn’t press hard enough and I ended up just falling asleep. I wouldn’t advise it. Spend the extra dough and get the real thing!

With my ‘vacation’ I’ve also been able to explore different AA meetings. I’m enjoying that, as I am meeting new people and learning more all the time. I’m also reading a book about Buddhism. I don’t know much about it yet, but what little I’ve read thus far is very intriguing. OH, and the REALLY good news!!! I don’t think I’ve blogged about this yet, but the roommate has decided to stay in town!!! I’m so relieved. He’s really been a positive influence on me and I don’t know what I’d do without him. I’m thrilled he’s sticking around. Anyway, should probably get to bed – I have another busy day tomorrow doing odd jobs for friends 🙂