My Directorial Debut

After seeing Joseph Jaffe record himself on his fancy Flip, I had to have one. It was last month at an event organized by Tim Brunelle for his Future of Advertising class at MCAD.

I put this together today after fighting with iMovie trying to figure out how to make the playback speed faster and give a part of the video that “fast forward” effect. Turns out that it’s not possible in the newest version of iMovie – you have to download a two-year old version (v6) of iMovie to get that kind of editing functionality. Seriously – that’s what I said.

After the aforementioned finagling, I finally had something resembling a YouTube video. I uploaded it, waited about ten minutes for it to process, and viola – I’m a director, and a producer, and an editor, and a cinematographer!

Funny it only took YouTube three minutes after the ten minutes processing to inform me that I’d used copyrighted material (the soundtrack I added). They said I could either take the clip down, or agree to allow the owners of the material to advertise on the view page. Hmph. Oh, alright!

4 thoughts on “My Directorial Debut

  1. You are such an amazing guy, and a true inspiration!
    I just wish you would smile for yourself more often, and I don’t just mean your pearly whites! Your eyes are so sad, brighten them up with a trip to the local playground with a great friend and let loose on the swings and what-not!

    Stay Amazing!

  2. Hey Dan,

    Cool Video! I’ve been playing around with screen shot videos for the web committee, and I have a new respect for anyone who can get videos to work!

    Brad 🙂

  3. I’m not affiliated with them, but the video quality, features, and community is *so* much better over on Vimeo.

    Take care,

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