I had lost the cord that connects my camera to the computer, so I’d had some photos trapped, unable to access them! Reluctantly, I made a stop at Best Buy last night to pick up a card reader, so I’m back in buisiness. Additionally, I coerced Jim to send me the photos Laura had taken during our visit.

Mike, Nick, Jim, and myself
Additional photos from Boston are in the last 2 and half pages of the Boston Gallery, while Laura’s photos are here – the first is in Boston Commons on an overcast Saturday afternoon, where they had a pumpkin gathering of some sort. Pumpkins were being hauled in my the semi-load. A large structure was being built out of scafolding, and they were carving and inserting candles into all of them. I saw on the news later that night that somebody had stuck a bomb in one of the pumpkins, so they had to clear the commons while the bomb squad inspected all of the pumpkins, only to turn up empty-handed. What a comotion.

Jim, Varla and myself

Later that evening we went to see a show down in the south end. Half-way through the show, the male version of Varla Jean Merman entered the audience and watched the remainder of the show from the sidelines. Jim actually spotted her first – and I was surprised that he was able to recognize her out of drag. But sure enough, it was her, so Jim and I got a photo.

Varla Jean Merman

For those of you not yet fortunate enough to be aquainted with Varla, check out her website at Varlaonline.com. You may remember her from the classic Girls Will Be Girls. She was in town with her show, Girl With a Pearl Necklace, which unfortuantely didn’t open until after we’d be out of town. I was pleasantly surprised by how big of a boy she was – the camera didn’t add ten pounds in her case, it had taken off ten inches… a good looking ten inches 😉

3 thoughts on “More Boston memories

  1. HOW COOL to meet Varla! “masserati don’t do blowjobs”….I think that was the line. Not sure; but whatever it was from ‘Girls Will Be Girls’ I spit a beer across the coffee table at my friend’s house. Glad your Boston trip was fun!

  2. Hah – Michael, the line you’re referring to was actually, “Maserattis don’t do anal.”

    Believe me – I’ve had a few laughs over that one 😉

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