I took the day off of work – something I haven’t been able to do in a very long time. And what am I doing on my day off? Well, Coffee and Crosswords, of course – at my favorite coffee shop, Spyhouse.

After a weekend of cold rain and long naps, today’s looking beautiful. High of 70 and all sunshine. My kind of weather.

The patio doors are wide open here at the coffee shop and little birds keep coming in and trying to fly out through closed windows, smacking their heads on the glass. They never learn.

So I’m being mindless today, because I can. Trying to become one with myself – all of my selves.

Quick recap of the weekend:

Saw Hellbent at the Uptown Theater with Jim. Funny flick – especially loved the eyeball scene towards the end. Had to walk back to Jim’s place afterwards in the pooring rain. Thank Gawd he only lives three blocks from there.

Yesterday I was at, you guessed it, Spyhouse, and ran into Tom and Gregg. Tom did a cartwheel on the wet ground outside, but only if I promised to mention him in my blog so that his further the spread of his fame. Tom, start your own gawd-damned blog already – you’ll become famous much quicker that way.

I’m off to St. Paul – Land of Lesbians, for lunch with Jim, who recently purchased a car! I’m excited for him, but at the same time, a little sad, because I won’t have the opportunity to get over there much any more if he’s got his own wheels. Oh well, I’m sure the lesbians can do without me.

7 thoughts on “Monday sunshine

  1. TOM – you can come to Houston and do cartwheels at Starbuck’s all day long. You’ll become a Texas legend.

    70 degrees??????????
    The last 5 days in Houston …
    100, 100, 92 & 92 (the hurricane), 98 (today)

  2. I was off on Monday too. But for different reasons. lol
    It is still hotter than heck in Houston.
    It MIGHT be cool by the time you visit. 🙂
    Did I tell you that people are asking to host you and JIM already? It should be lots of fun.
    See you soon.

  3. My fifteen minutes in Minneapolis is over, Dan. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog though. I pass my Spirit Stick over to you. Hmmm…..this Cartwheels In Houston thing could prove to be quite lucrative.

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