I just got back from The Firm, where I haven’t been on a regular basis for the last couple of weeks.

… err, I mean months

… or, I mean half-years

Okay, so I’ve been a couple of times since last Thanksgiving, but not many.

I feel great, in that post-workout sorta way. But at the same time I feel like I could die. I could barely get down the protein shake. I really miss working out all the time. You get such an energy rush, contribute to an all-around healthy lifestyle, endorphins are pumping, and you just feel so much better about yourself.

Then why is it that it’s so easy to fall out of the habbit of going? I’ve gone through these cycles several times in life. But I had a pretty good go at it this last time around. I was at that gym at least four times a week for a year, and then poof – I stopped. What’s up with that? Thinking back on it, I think it started when I got pretty sick around Thanksgiving. Some virus that knocked me out for a few days had disallowed me from going, and then I was ‘recovering’ and then I was ‘catching up on work’ and the excuses and rationalizations for not going kept coming. And pretty soon people stopped asking why they hadn’t seen me at the gym, and I no longer needed to make excuses.

This story is starting to sound familiar …

Thank Gawd Dallas is on shortly.

6 thoughts on “Mixed feelings

  1. Yep. It’s tough getting back into the routine. I’m still paying for a club that I’ve barely used since August ’03. I was going SIX days a week…starting to see results: Poof! My Dad died and I never went back after his funeral. Go figure. Didn’t seem important. I NEED TO GET BACK in there! Particularly since I’ve seen what’s walking around pools recently. Just DO it!

  2. I saw your comment on e-brechi and thought I’d say hi. I went to Winona State too — at the same time as the Carlson twins as well! Assuming you were an advertising major, but I don’t remember you – I was PR. Graduated in 2000. Anyway, cool to have found your blog!

  3. Hey, Kiddo! I was only at WSU for one quarter my freshmen year. Had I stayed the course, I would have been a 2001 grad, but alas, I escaped the small town, pot-smoking haven for the big city after a few other short detours 🙂

    My roommate was on the WSU rugby team along with one of the twins – I don’t recall if it was Lane or Kyle, but I’d see them quite often. When they debuted in the Abercrombie catalogue I about lost my lower jaw permanently.

  4. Boy do I know how that goes! I fell out of my workout routine in November last year. I was in the best shape of my life, no doubt! And then I stopped. And started getting really good at making excuses too.

    Funny how we are our own worst enemies!

    I hate me sometimes!


  5. I’ve gone through the same cycle several times as well. It always starts with getting sick and goes downhill from there. I’m still trying to get back into the routine but I just haven’t been able too. I guess it’s just something we all go through.

  6. Yeah that always happens to me, going strong until I get sick or vacation, then it just stops for a few months. =( Better now, but not great.

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