My birthday was very nice. Friends put a lot of effort into it and it turned out to be a gay ‘ol time. I got some gag gifts – “Gliding Jesus” action figure, an entire bottle of “Rimming Syrup” and a kitty-launching gun. The food was fantastic, and the cake was quite endearing:


I also got some fun hair product, relaxing music (much needed), and Jim gave me a membership to the Walker. It all made me feel like I am somebody.

I’m so blessed to have such great friends. Thanks all.

8 thoughts on “Mah birthday

  1. Wow! You sure did get a cake!? So…like do you get to keep the Barbie!? “Rimming Syrup”? I’ve not seen that choice at my local pancake house…


    May you have many more, but only if you toss that kitty-launching gun. Just because you don’t prefer pussy …

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