… as a former bed-wetter. Yep, you read that right. I wet the bed every night until I was 8 years old.

For as far back as I can remember there was a plastic sheet that wrapped around my twin mattress. Laying down on my bed or turning from side to side would create a crinkling noise that still haunts me until this day.

When I was six and still wetting the bed, my parents got me a cotton-covered rubber sheet as a way to make me feel more like a grown-up because it didn’t make any noises.

My mom tried to console me by telling me that her brother also wet the bed when he was young, but I still felt like something was wrong with me.

We went to the doctor who told us not to let me drink anything a few hours before going to bed. It didn’t help.

Then we got some contraption, seemingly from a TV infomercial gone bad. The contraption consisted of a sheet of plastic with metal wires running over the surface – imagine the lines of the rear-window defroster in your car. This plastic sheet was then connected by wire to a plastic box housing an on/off switch and 4 “D” batteries. It would sense when you began wetting the bed and would set off a ear-piercing shrill. As you can imagine, this didn’t work either as it would only go off after you had pissed all over yourself.

When I was in the first grade a classmate invited me to his house for a slumber party to celebrate his birthday. We slept in an authentic Native American teepee his parents had on their property. There were probably 12 of us seven year-olds. I was too nervous to fall asleep fearing an embarassing morning soaked in urine. So nervous I never went to sleep. Thanksfully Michael S didn’t want to fall asleep either, so we plucked grass from the ground and placed it in our sleeping friends’ open mouths.

Can you imagine waking up with a mouthfull of freshly-picked grass?

Shortly after I turned 8 I woke up with a dry bed. It was the most amazing feeling in the world to me at that point in my history. I never wet the bed again.

My brother wet the bed until he was 12.

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  1. Interesting article… I used to wet the bed, up until I was about 10 or 11. I remember all the various methods I used to use to try and “cover up” what had happened. My parents, rather than consoling me, would get very upset and it was never pretty. Even professional help never quite explained it — my one shrink said it was the result of compounded stress and dissatisfaction with something. Stress at 10? And dissatisfaction? Who knows?

    I’m not sure what caused me to finally quit doing it, but I just stopped.

  2. I don’t remember wetting the bed per se, but I remember wetting my pants in nursery school (pre-kindergarten) a couple times. It was probably when we would take our naps. We each had a small throw rug to curl up on. I remember my sister retrieving me from there one day, clutching my hand as I walked tearfully along, struggling to keep up with her (she was about 6 years my senior), feeling the cold, damp, stinky urine on my pants legs. Humiliating!

  3. Believe it or not, those same “wee alerts” where available in the late 60’s. I wet my bed until 7yrs old, and I have to say that loud siren did the trick after a few times!

  4. I, too, had the same problem until I was eight. The doctor said that I was stressed about my sister being born when I was two years old. (Come to think of it, she still tends to stress me out a bit.) I also remember my first sleepover in third grade and I was terrified that it would happen at my friends house. Luckily, it didn’t, but we also stayed awake most of the night.

  5. I didn’t have bed-wetting problems; I was the constantly constipated child. I think it had issues with my mom ripping the door off the bathroom all the time with ‘…didn’t you GO yet!!!’ Once I clogged up our rural sewer line; my Dad made me drink prune juice for a month. But I remember thinking ‘..wow, my turds did this..’ watching the guys dig up our lawn to the street.

  6. Oh you just totally brought back a horrible memory from my childhood that I had blocked out. I had one of those awful buzzer things when I was a tyke. It didn’t ever work, though, and after a while my parents realized how humiliating it was for me to wake up the entire house when I’d wet the bed. So they quit making me use it.

  7. I couldn’t stop myself from leaving a word… I never did it… but if I did, I’m not sure if I would write about… you’re so true…

  8. I had a friend who wet the bed. A water diviner found an underground stream that passed under her bed. The bed was moved to the other side of the room and the bed-wetting stopped over night. Go figure?

  9. i thought that this is a safe sight where i could share what happened to me.
    i just wet my bed last night. im a 14 year old girl and i have just started to wet the bed in the last month or so.my mom is the only one who knows(only one i live with other than my 11 year old sister, she doesnt know). but last night i spent the night at my friends house and we fell asleep on the couch. i was the only one spending the night. and i peed all over the couch and my friend. when i woke up in the morning i was in my friends bed with a diaper on. and her mom was sleeping with. when i woke up she told me that she found me on the couch and brought me up here and diapered me. she also told me that i had to stay over all day because my mom had to owrk and because of that i would have to wear the diapers all day. i ended up being changed like four times because i couldnt make it to the bathroom in time. thank god i was in diapers.
    my friend was pretty weirdied out by the whole thing but she said that she wouldnt tell anybody. i have to spend next weekend with them because my mom and sister are going to my sister(abby) cheer competion. im nervous that her mom is going to make me wear diapers 24/7 but i normally dont wet my pants during the day.
    it was very humliating.

  10. i wet the bed every night but so does my 14 year old brother. he started wettig the bed when he was 4 because our step dad beats us i want to get him some help because he gets really upset when he wets the bed and his eyes go bloodshot. he hasnt cryed since he was 4 when our real dad left our mom. every time he wets the bed he just sits in the hall and wont talk but he only wets the bed when our step dad is home. please help me and my brother

  11. This sure is an interesting topic. My son who is 6 is still wetting the bed and I thought I would have a look on the net to see how people deal with this now.

    I wet the bed like until I was in my mid teens. It was almost considered normal in my house. Like I was not punished or anything. In fact it was almost expected. I dont know if that makes sense. I just dont think my parents bothered to toilet train me. I used to wear a nappy and plastic pants (No disposables in those days). There were times when I was really embarrassed by my parents telling someone. Like one time before a sleepover at a friends house my mum told the other kids mum that I was a “wetter”. and that she would send a nappy and plastic pants and a plastic sheet because “sometiems he leaks”. I hated these times but pretty soon I would forget and not even try to be dry.

    I think around 11 or 12 around the end of primary school or the start of high school I think I became more self aware. Self concious. From that time I avoided sleep overs and when I had friends over I would not take them to my room for fear that they would smell the smell or see other evidence like the plastic sheet or the pile of nappies that filled an entire shelf in cupboard. Or the plastic pants that were in a draw. But still it was just considered the norm that I wore a nappy and plastic pants. I would just put them on under my PJs and go to bed. Sometimes even waking in the night needing to pee and just peeing. Other times I would make real effort to get dry and get up and go to the toilet. Maybe I was just lazy and the nappy made it too easy. I also remember continuing to wear a wet nappy and plastic pants while eating breakfast and watching early morning TV.

    Around 15 I decided that I had to stop wearing them. I had just not wearing them on occasions in the past and usually within a week or two, had an accident. I woudl hate it. Waking up wet all over. It would seep up to my neck and down to my knees. Mum complain about extra washing and I would just decide it was easier to wear the nappy. By the time I was 16 I was dry each night and not wearing a nappy but it was a real effort on my part. I kept the plastic sheet on the bed. MAybe as a security blanket. It was not until a girl friend commented on it when I was in my early 20s that that I got rid of it.

  12. I T still happens to me mayB 4 or 5 nites in the week,,,,,and im 16 now..;~(

    thank God im not alone sarah sliverman did I T too….

  13. hope you dont mind im a girl 16,i want to share my diapers experience with you.last year when i was 15 i made my first communion.since i was the only older child in the class of 7and 8 year olds i had to make my communion as a 7 year old.i had to wear a poofy, short communion dress,veil ,gloves,lace socks and patent leather shoes.i had to wear cloth diapers,plastic pants and under shirt under my dress just like yhe little girls wear.my parents dressed me and i felt really humiliated.the plastic pants they put on me fit blousy and crinkled under my short dress when i walked down the aisle.other girls told me they could my plastic pants crinkling and teased me.at my party many people lifted up the back of my dress and checked out my diapers and plastic pants and said i looked a baby girl.my day was spoiled by the diapers and plastic pants!

  14. Wow, just read all of the replies to your post. I thought I would mention that if anyone continues to have this problem, what helped me was a nasal inhalent, taken before going to bed, that basically dried up my kidneys at night to the point there was nothing to pee. It took a couple refills of the prescription before feeling comfortable enough to stop taking it altogether. I couldn’t tell you what the name of the drug was, but I’m sure a specialist could tell you by the description above.

  15. Hi i am mike and i am 14 years old and just last week i started wetting the bed every night before this i was dry everynight. but anyway, my parents decided to put me back in diapers all the time and i have to walk around school with them and go to the nurse when i need to be changed. The worst part is my parents make me wear girls diapers and i am a boy, so it is really embarrising wearing little princess diapers as a 14 year old boy. i wish they would stop. and now i wet the bed during the day just because i am embarresed i think i may never stop now becuase i have lost control of my bladder becasue i am always nervous and embarresed now.

  16. hi tiffany,i had a similar experience like you.i am 17 and last may i received my confirmation[i was16] we had to wear white floor length dresses with veils.my parents had me wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my dress so in case i had an accident i wouldnt ruin my dress.my mom got snap on plastic pants that fit me a little tight.when we were walking down the aisle all of the snaps came unsnapped and my plastic pants fell out from under my dress.a girl in back of me saw them a picked them up and held onto them.was i embarrassed!

  17. my name is mellisa and i am 16.two years at 14 i was the senior flower girl in my cousins wedding.the other two flower girls were 6 and 7. me and the other two flower girls were dressed in the parrish nursery so as not to take up room in the bridal dressing room.the other two girls moms put cloth diapers and plastic pants on them so my mom said i had to wear them also.she took baby cloth diapers out of the bin and put them on me ,then put toddler size plastic pants on me over the diapers.the three of us looked like babies under our dresses.we showed our diapers to my cousin and she thought we looked adorable.it was embarrissing walking down the aisle with baby diapers and plastic pants on under my dress.after the ceremony my mom took the diapers off of me and had me wear the plastic pants under my dress for the rest of the day.i got a rash from the plastic pants that lasted for a week.i was totally pissed at my mom for making me wear them without the diapers under them.

  18. i am 16 and was just baptized last easter at easter vigil.my parents required me to wear a poofy white dress,bonnet,lace cuff socks and patent leather shoes.they put a thick cloth diaper and baby print plastic pants on me with a tee shirt that i had to wear under my dress for the day.my brother is 14 and they made me show him my diaper and plastic pants and i was so embarrassed.other people thought i looked a baby and i was shown to all my relatives.my day was spoiled by my parents.

  19. Hi I am 13 and I started wetting the bed again, It started last week but I was forced to wear elmo diapers to school everyday and get changed by the nurse, I Wish I could stopp wearing them but now I have no control over my bladder and am constantly wetting myself. I don’t even feel it comming until it’s already flowing out, and by that point I can’t stop it. I also am losing slight control over my bowels and it’s insanly embarrasing when I do it in class and people smell it. I also had PE monday and I peed myself while changing and everyone heard the slight hissing they all stared at me and I was pants to reveal elmo over my crotch. I was then forced to wear the smallest kid in class’s briefs and givven a wedgie on the flag pole in only the elmo diaper and the briefs. I was let down at the end of the day by a teacher but everyone had already seen my diaper. My diaper had started leaking by this time and I was so embarrassed I ran home without thinking. So then everyone for about two miles from my school to my house saw me crying running home in an elmo diaper. I now am the laughing stock of school and I don’t think I’ll be getting BACK out of diapers any time soon.

  20. hi tins,i am 15 and being baptized this sunday at easter vigil,i have to wear an out fit like yours also.my mom made my baptism diaper thick and i am wearing shiny white plastic pants over it. did your plastic pants crinkle under your dress? mine fit me baggy and i am afraid people might hear them

  21. hi, im 16 and i had to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my dress for my confirmation too. I was soo self concious, i tried to hide it all day but my mom had told my aunt, who told my cousin Ryan. He threatened to show everyone if i didnt wet my diaper by the end of my party. When the party was over i went to my room and changed, and hid the wet diaper. My mom asked where they were later so i had to go get them and show her my wet diapers. I was soo humiliated! My mom spanked me, but didnt make too much of a big deal about it after, or tell my dad thank god!

  22. hi im 16 yrs old and still wet the bed my parents put nappies on me every nigt before bed they threatend that if i didnt stop wetting like a baby they would treat me like a baby now im in full time nappies and hate it.i got all baby stuff crib high chair pushchair and more.my younger brothers and sisters laugh at me when im at home im not allowed to wear any clothes just my nappy.i cant control my bladder anymore because ive been in full time nappies im also banned from using the bathroom and my mum and dad bath dress change and feed me and give me my bottle of milk.i got bibs dummies baby bottles baby clothes car seat high chair reins pushchair baby toys playpen i hate it im 17 soon and this is going to carry on for a long time.

  23. i am 16 and a bedwetter and am required by my parents to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.they wont buy me underjams or goodnites.they tell me diapers and rubberpants are more appropriate for girls.i have done research on this,having talked to other tee girls who wet the bed and on bedwetting websites and find there is gender discrimination with girls and boys.the majority of bedwetting boys wear goodnites or under jams where as thte girls wear cloth diapers and plastic pants.is this fair!do parents think girls are more baby like!i feel girls should be given the choice of what they wear for bedwetting.

  24. i am 16 and will be going to prom in may.have any of you girls worn a diaper and plastic pants under a prom dress? my parents said i have to wear them.can anyone help me out?

  25. to michelle,i just found this website and want to tell.i am 15 and a bedwetter also.i started wetting the bed last year just past my 14th birthday due to depression over the loss of my bff in a car accident and weight loss.my mom didnt hesitate and told me i was going to wear cloth diapers and “rubber pants” to bed every night.she ordered three dozen teen size cloth diapers for me and three dozen pairs of adult size plastic pants in pink,yellow,blue,white and baby prints.she bought regular diaper pins,baby powder,baby lotion and diaper rash ointment for me.i have one drawer in my dresser with just the diapers,and rubber pants in it.every night before bed time i take a shower while my mom lays a diaper and rubber pants,pins and baby powder on my bed.after my shower i have to lay down on the diaper,she then powders me,brings the diaper up and pins it on me.i then raise my legs up and she pulls the rubber pants up my legs and over my diaper.the rubber pants fit me baggy and crinkle under my footy pajamas.last thanksgiving and christmas my mom made me wear one of my diapers and baby print rubber pants under my holiday dress for the day on thanksgiving and also on christmas eve and day.she told me last week that i will wear a diaper and rubber pants again this year under my dress again even tho i dont need them during the daytime.she told me she likes having me like a little girl for the holidays.like you,i feel girls should not be required to wear diapers and rubber pants for bedwettingand especially not required to wear them under their holiday dresses.i have accepted them as a normal part of my bedtime routine and cant wait untill i stop wetting the bed!

  26. i am 15 and just started dating and my parents make me wear a “cloth diaper and rubber pants” under my clothes when i go out on dates.they told me i have to wear them to protect my purity and innocence and that a boy wont want to have sex with a girl wearing a diaper and rubber pants.

  27. To Sarah- I had something similiar happen to me on my confirmation day when i was 16.I too had to wear the white poofy dress.veil,etc. with a cloth diaper and plastic pants under the dress.At my party.mom told my friends and cousins that i had a cloth diaper and rubber pants on under my dress and they lifted my dress to see them.my cousin,david saw them on me and told me i looked just like a baby.We both go to the same school and he threatened to spread it around school that i wore and diaper and rubber pants under my dress if i didnt do oral sex on him and he was serious! towards the end of my party we snuck off and he made me take my dress off and get on my knees and do the oral sex.i had on just my veil,under shirt,and the diaper and rubber pants.I was so humiliated!

  28. To sarah and angela- i am 16 and catholic and received my sacrement of confirmation last may.I to had to wear the white floor length dress,veil,gloves,under shirt,cloth diaper.plastic pants.tights and mary jane shoes.the morning of the ceremony,i took a bubble bath then went into my room and several of my female cousins and two of my best friends were in there and they all watched while mom pinned the diaper on me then pulled the plastic pants up my legs and over the diaper.she then put the tights on me and the under shirt.i stood there,embarrassed,with all of them looking at me while she got my dress ready.

  29. hi,i am 16 and was a flower girl in my neices wedding two years ago when i was 14.i wore a cute,poofy,knee length flower girl dress with a veil,white gloves,lace socks and white mary jane shoes.my mom bought a pair of white,youth size rubber pants and told me i had to wear them under my dress,so she put them on me when i was dressed.she then put a pair of white,nylon rhumba panties over them and thats what i wore under my dress for the whole day.i could feel the rubber pants next to my skin the whole time and with the rhumba panties over them i felt like a little girl.

  30. I’m 12 yrs old and I been wetting my bed my whole life. I hate it cause it rules your life. Your always scared your friends will find out. My little brother and sister call me names. Their favorite is asking me to spell pajamas. I started to spell it but they stopped me after the first letter. They said I put the pee in them. Then they say that there gonna tell my friends. My mom got race car diapers on line and puts one on me after my bath. She makes me wear one out to play if I have an accident. Sometimes I wish I was dead

  31. I am 16 and last september i went thru roman catholic confirmation and had to wear the white,formal ankle length dress with a veil,gloves,lace socks and white ‘mary jane’ shoes.We too had to wear a cloth diaper and ‘rubberpants'[plasticpants]under our dresses with a white under shirt.Our diaper was required to be made from one package of the Gerber 10 pack flat cloth diapers in the 24×27 inch size that had to be sewn together to make the one diaper.It then had to be pinned on us with regular diaper pins.Our parish then gave each of us girls the white adult size rubberpants to go over the diaper.the rubberpants we were given fit us blousy and crinkled.Our under shirts had to be tucked in between the diaper and rubberpants.all of us girls felt weird and like babies for the ceremony and our parties.After wards we were told to save the diaper and plastic pants to wear under our wedding gowns when we get married someday.All of the boys knew us girls had the diaper and rubberpants on under our dresses and gawked at us!

  32. I am 13 and going thru puberty and even tho i am not a bedwetter or have bladder issues,my parents make me wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants to mass every sunday and for thanksgiving,christmas and easter and other special occasions.my parents told me i have to wear them to make me feel cute and girly and protect my purity and innocence.every sunday before mass,mom pins the cloth diaper on me then puts the plastic pants on over it and then my dress and the rest of my clothes and i have to wear the diaper and plastic pants the whole day.its the same for the holidays also.I feel like a baby wearing them and was told i have to wear them untill i am out of puberty.

  33. i an 14 and just recieved my sacrement of confirmation today at the 10 am mass.Me and all the other girls had to wear white,poofy,below the knees dresses with a veil,lace socks and white mary jane shoes.we had to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants and under shirt under our dresses and i still have my diaper and plastic pants on under my nightgown.mom and dad said i have to wear then to bed tonight,They feel a little weird under my nightgown!

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