Home Office is the new Homo Operandi

… at least this Homo’s operandi.

I’ve lived in a two bedroom condo alone for the last nine months. Initially I had turned the second bedroom into an exercise area. I went out and bought a free weight set, an adjustable bench, and covered the floor with those interlocking gym mats.

In those nine months I’ve entered the room three times. Once was to stuff something in the empty closet.

Over the last four years I’ve had my office stuffed in a corner in my living room. I’ve always thought of it as temporary, but being I don’t usually change things until they get completely out of hand, the arrangement has graduated to semi-permanent. The desk is positioned in such a way that I can watch television while working, or at least try to do both at the same time.

Last week, after my computer crash meltdown, I concluded that it was time to setup a real home office, and the real, though rarely utilized home gym, was holding a prime piece of real estate.

I ordered an LCD monitor and external keyboard that arrived today. After work, I got to work moving furniture and untangling cords. I am now the proud proprietor of a second bedroom that serves as a makeshift home gym and a home office.

At least I know half of the room will be used.

Haven’t got it all put together just the way I want it yet, and the living room still needs a rearrangement to fill in the empty space, but it’s amazing how having things in their place can bring such a sense of calm. And space.

No photos; too many dust bunnies yet to clean out.

5 thoughts on “Home Office is the new Homo Operandi

  1. Hi Dan —

    Congrats on your new office/gym. And your sobriety. Neither of which is an easy road.

    The times I’ve had a dedicated home office, I’ve never gone into it. Too isolating. Now the home office is in a corner of the bedroom, facing the door, so I can work and still feel like I’m part of the world.

    By the way, you write beautifully.

  2. I did the same thing after living in my house for a year or so. I am also the proud owner of a guest room/home gym/home office. I find that I actually spend alot more time in that room now. As a result the house feels like it “lives larger” than it had before.

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