Boats and toilets and decks, oh my

Been neglecting the blog lately with an obscene work schedule, hence the entry’s title.

Spent a little while with the family this past weekend. The visit was short, but sweet.

Met with a friend who just got his second DUI. He doesn’t think he’s got a problem, as his drinking has never really affected his life – just that he made a poor judgment in driving. I can’t say, don’t really know, if he’s in denial or doesn’t have a problem. I just hope him the best.

Had a real scare with my property taxes. Got a note in the mail from the county saying that my property taxes weren’t paid last year so they were going to put a lean on my condo – YIKES. I called the mortgage company and got everything straightened out. I owe penalties as well, but as it turns out, the mortgage company is responsible for those as well. Near heart attacks are good for your stamina, right?

Other tax news is that I received my last tax paper on the 31st of Jan and filed the same night. I’m getting a nice chunk of change back, but am putting the entire refund towards credit cards – which will bring me to about zero balance – what a nice feeling!

I got a call tonight from an unrecognized number. One aspect of the program is that you have to answer the phone. You never know when somebody might be in need, plus I’ve had a habit of dodging creditors in the past, so it’s nice to be able to face them when I’m sober.

Anyhow, it was a buddy from AA who asked me to speak at an upcoming meeting. It’ll be my first time telling my story. I’m not one to volunteer for speaking engagements, so I was just waiting to be asked. Well, it happened – damnit! I’m just telling myself that, “God doesn’t put things in front of you that you cannot handle.”

I’m just trying to wind down from a busy day at work at the moment and hope to spend some time with a buddy. Hope all is well in the blogosphere.