The blog is back online again, as is Jim’s.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the stages I’ve gone through since discovering my site was offline:

1. Panic

2. Double-panic – it wasn’t just my blog that was down – other sites were down, too.

3. Triple-panic – the entire contents of my server had been deleted, and I don’t have an automated backup process in place.

4. Anger – I was on the phone with my hosting company, screaming at the poor souls on the other end. They just couldn’t do much to help me, as some hacker from France had assumed control of my server and was now hosting a website for a fake bank to phish for credit card numbers.

5. Surrender and acceptance – I started putting the pieces back together again. Got to work putting sites back online, and notifying clients of the circumstances with their websites. Nobody was too upset.

6. Workaholic – kept working on the server and sites.

7. Serenity – I’m happy everything is put back together now. Upside to the situation is that my server got whiped clean and everything’s running a little bit smoother now.

Major bummers:
– all of the images from my blogposts are gone forever
– all of the comments from prior to the takeover are gone forever

Still on the to do list:
– automate FTP backups from my box in the closet
– get the gallery up and running again

Thanks for the nice emails and comments.

11 thoughts on “Back online

  1. I say it’s time for a ‘road trip’ to kick some French ass; pack the freedom fries and meet me at the Air France ticket counter…

  2. Oh, for the love of G-D! Thankfully, you’re back with us, Mary! Oh and thanks for your message last week! I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Hopefully, I’ll get to see you on Thursday! Kisses!

  3. That sucks, but I’m glad to see you were able to get most things back up. Actually seeing your posting yesterday about your site getting hacked had prompted me to start backing up my own things more frequently. Have a great weekend.

  4. I’m glad you’re still up and running!

    I also just wanted to tell you, that I moved my blog to

    I would appreciate it if you changed the link here in your blog.
    Sorry for the inconvinience.

    Anyways, please drop by my new site and leave a comment! 🙂

  5. Don’t know if you have access to cron or not, but you could automate the zipping up and database dump and email it to yourself offsite everyday(or couple of days), like or somewhere.

    Oops, just revealed my geekiness.

  6. Thanks, Joey! Somebody else suggested that. I’m looking into installing an FTP script that will incrementally backup all changed files and FTP them to another server. The problem is, I don’t have another server, but I do have a ‘box in the closet’ that I’d love to be able to setup a client-side FTP backup process on. The machine in the closet doesn’t do much, other than sit there for file storage and act as a printer server (for the ‘printer in the closet’), so I’d love it if I could find a program (it’s a windows machine) to run on a schedule – FTP into my server, find all incrementally changed files, and download them to a live directory path locally. Haven’t found the right software yet. If anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

  7. Just be careful, if you’re using a database(MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, etc..) you’ll need to backup the database dump as well or you won’t get everything. If you did the cron job you’d be able to just tar the files everyday and back that up, and you wouldn’t have to worry about incremental so much(it can be a pain sometimes, since you have to restore to point A, and then restore each individual backup until you get to the newest one). And with diskspace and bandwidth so prevalent, it might just be best. At least do a whole backup once a week, so at most you only have 7 files to go through. =)

    If you just need some space for another server I’ve got a server down in Florida I use for my blog and my business stuff(no peeking around!) if you just need space, but I can’t host another site right now. Let me know.

    I don’t know many windows backup programs or I’d let you know! =) Good luck!

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