another busy day

I’ve got another full day of fun planned today. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to keep busy during my time of unemployment. Down time for me tends to lead to insanity, so keeping busy is a good thing!

Roommate came in from out of town early yesterday, so caught up with him last night. He’s had ANOTHER job opportunity offered to him here in town, so now he’s reconsidering the move all-together. This is a good thing. He’s truly blessed to have so many people knocking on his door to have him come work for them. I hope I have a similar experience in my job search.

Speaking of the job search … I’ve had several calls! I have an interview today and tomorrow so far this week, and a plethora of people to call, and old contacts to reacquaint myself with. It’s terrible how you get busy and neglect your relationships with some people that you don’t often see. Then you lose your job (or need something), and you try to bring them back into your life… I hope they don’t see me as the greedy whore that I can tend to be.

Anyhow, gotta run and drop roommate off at the office, then it’s off to the bank, the sprint pcs store, spin class, and more errands, oh and the job interview!