Guatemalan Goodbyes

Guatemala Day 13 As usual, I’m at the airport two hours before my flight because I’m always paranoid I’ll lose my boarding pass or passport or get held up in security. This is good, though, because I can take time to blog with a free mind, not worried about running late. Is it odd that […]

Time Warp

Guatemala Day 11 I’ve discovered that if I weather the initial storm with the dogs in the morning that they’ll let me be and go back to sleep – which is exactly what I did, sleeping until around 8:00. I woke up and skipped the regular morning routine of coffee and writing and headed to […]

More New Friends in San Marcos

Guatemala Day 9 I am spoiled by the coffee here. I´ve never been one who can appreciate the nuances of coffee, but I can tell you if the coffee is good or bad – and the coffee here is good. The dogs let me sleep in on Saturday until 8:00 AM! I wonder fi they […]

Pana Again and Book Seeking

Guatemala Day 8 Morning rituals lead to LaPaz for breakfast with Zeus in tow and Shanti somewhere in the village doing her thing. I decided to spice it up a bit and ordered the french toast instead of my usual Ensalada de Fruit o. It was yummy. I chatted with another of the hotel guests, […]

Goodbyes and Mayan Calendars

Guatemala Day 7 Yesterday I got up a bit early by 6:00 and enjoyed my normal routine with the dogs, coffee and writing. I went up the path to the Town Centre and picked up a couple of granola bars at a bodega. Zeus followed me up there, but Shanti took her time and found […]

WiFi, Acupuncture and Capitalism

Guatemala Day 6 Yesterday began with the normal routine with the dogs, coffee and writing. I then met Josh at LaPaz for his last Ensalada de Fruto breakfast there. We talked for about an hour. I asked him about his stay in Lago Atitlan thus far and how he felt about moving back to the […]

Vertical Endeavors

Guatemala Days 4 & 5 The dogs continue to wake me at 6:30 every morning, as if set to rise by some internal Swiss clock. I enjoy it, as I have been going to bed around 10:00 and reading for a while, and it seems like the right time to get up and about. Sebastian […]

Personal Legends

Guatemala Day Three I’m getting into a normal routine here where the dogs wake me up at 6:30 AM, I make my coffee and feed them, and then write for an hour or so on the porch – where I am now. The dogs are grooming each other. Roosters in every direction are waking up […]