The latest meme trend

Saw this on Ryan’s blog. Google ” needs” and post the top ten results.

1. Sparkles needs our help right now

2. Sparkles needs a ride to CA

3. Sparkles needs a Home

4. Sparkles needs some paintings

5. Sparkles needs this costume!!

6. Sparkles needs a serial hug

7. Sparkles needs a sign!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CAN WE HAVE A LEMUR SIGN!!!!!

8. Sparkles needs to be on

9. Sparkles needs a new pair of shoes

10. Sparkles needs a Home with lots of love, attention, toys and pampering (some treats would be nice too)

6 thoughts on “The latest meme trend

  1. Thanks, guys – I’ve come to the conclusion that my nickname is often shared by those of the feline persuasion. Not sure how I feel about that!

  2. OMG. I had to play and this is what I got.
    1.) Tom needs cure for homophobia
    2.) Let’s see how many lines Tom needs
    3.) Tom needs to discuss these issues ASAP
    4.) Tom needs a hat
    5.) Tom needs to stretch further
    6.) Tom needs a new Unicycle Fund
    7.) Tom needs help
    8.) Hey Tom, you need a shrink
    9.) Tom needs to be back in a school setting
    10.) Tom needs the skills we take for granted each day of our lives.
    Whoa…it’s fucking surreal. Like the new magic 8 ball for this century.

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