Sharing sex toys


I think the business model behind Netflix is pure genius, which is probably why it caught on so quickly, and eventually forced Blockbuster to follow suit.

… but now this company is also following in Netflix’s steps! You subscribe to their service for $20 / month. Then you order away … Here are some of the items they offer:

  • Dildos (numerous varieties and sizes)
  • Vibrating butt plug
  • Art Deco Vibrating Butt Plug
  • Ravenous Rabbit
  • Anal Mini Tongue Vibrator
  • Impulse Jack Rabbit

WOW. I’m not sure what else to say. I’d never consider letting my roommate use my anal beads – why would I let a complete stranger?

6-ultra.jpg jenna.JPG
tera.JPG tongue.JPG vibrating-butt.JPG

10 thoughts on “Sharing sex toys

  1. Sweet Jesus, child! Like I’d touch any of it! Not that I own any sex toys–three ‘neck massagers’ but they’re, like..for tense muscles…er, in my neck. Yep!

  2. Do they have a “friends” feature like Netflix so you can also see what toys your friends have recently rented? Is there a ratings system and recommendations like “if you liked the Vibramatic2000, you’ll also love these items…”

  3. That is disgusting and probably illegal. You’re not allowed to return underwear or swimsuits by law, why would you be allowed to exchange a dildo?

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