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Mo Kin

09.24.2005 · Posted in Absurdity

This past week has been rough. Some very long hours and two (separate) clients in Thursday & Friday have left me pretty much exhausted. Without fail, whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, something funny comes my way, as if to say, “stop your whining and laugh a little.” Well this one certainly did. Thank you, Jordan.

Experience for yourself, the true xylophone genius of 3 year old Mo Kin of Japan:

5 Responses to “Mo Kin”

  1. Yeah I used to be able to do that too. 🙂 I was so good when I was 3. 🙂

    Great blog by the way. First time reader.

  2. I need that today. Thanks Dan!

  3. Ha! I love that. Thanks.

    I think it’s been a bad week in advertising all around. But now, I’ll share this with my friends and we’ll have something to smile about. Until the next briefing, that is.

  4. Anytime. I have to credit Raul of Heading East for sharing it with me via his blog.

    I should say that Mo Kin is one of the North Korean “Genius Children” and this clip of North Korean T.V. via Japan. The “Genius Children” are used to show the non-communist countries how vastly superior the child-rearing environment is in North Korea.

    Hmm…it really looks to be working. It must be the tree bark. As you know, a smart child starts with a balanced diet–a diet containing their daily allotment of Yi Tree Bark (now with Ginko Biloba for memory!)

  5. Yeah, but as soon as the “Genius Childern” are too old to be so cute and exceptional, it’s off to one of Kathie Lee’s sweatshops for them. If you can study xylophone for 12 hours a day, just think of how many buttons you can sew on shirts in that time!