Interior Design Disaster

I usually check the local real estate listings daily. Always dreaming about that house on the hill I’ll someday live in. Quite often the decor in these homes is less than desireable – they’re just screaming out for an interior designer and their crew to come in and put a fresh face on them. However, the house below really needs some help. I couldn’t help but share this with you.

My favorite are the living room lounge chairs that match the carpetting throughout the house.

21 thoughts on “Interior Design Disaster

  1. Did you discover the secret of time travel. How’d you go back to 1982 to get those pics with a digital camera. I totaly want to go back for a lottery ticket.

  2. I’m already twiching from exposure to the “wood” paneling. The fact that they have mirrors in the dining room to reflect said wood paneling makes it twice as bad.

  3. How embarrassing for the person (designer?) who specified everything for that house…. I’m sure at the time they thought it was sooo hip and “trendy”.

  4. How do you ever sell anything like that? I mean you will have to reduce the price so much because EVERYTHING is going to be gutted when the new owners come in. Unless they too like lots of blue and paneling.

  5. My eyes! My eyes! I would love to meet these homeowners and I’m sure I could write a thesis on them somehow. This, my friends, is why the world needs gays.

  6. That was my favorite as well … the matching chairs. I would just have to have them as well if I bought that house. LOL. 😉

  7. U ever heard of that song “Blue”? “I have a blue house with a blue window.” Well, who knew it actually did really exist? My eyes hurt.

  8. If there were ever a home in need of being staged that house is it. Ugh. But maybe it has “good bones” and “a lot of light.” Those are the key words used by a realtor when a home is indescribably ugly.

  9. haha! it’s almost like they were going for a Scandinavian motif with the blue carpet and yellow counter tops. Or maybe I’m just trying to find a method when there was really only madness.

  10. I looked at it again; don’t ask why. Now I’m disturbed by the peach panelling… it makes the blue carpet even worse. And the linoleum with matching backsplash! They probably could’ve sold the place for 20 grand more if they would’ve just replaced flooring before putting it on the market…

  11. My favorite are the living room lounge chairs that match the carpetting throughout the house

    I was with you until I saw the kitchen. My jaw literally dropped open. Whoa.

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