I’ve always been a fan of Motorola’s RAZR campaign. The “Hello, Moto” line is hillarious. I find myself saying it whenever I’m feeling silly. It’s not so much the contents of the sentence, but the way it’s said – a youthful, synthetic voice with an air of mischievousness in it. And shortening the Motorola name to simply ‘Moto’ makes it sound as if this voice has been plotting for some time – like it’s been eying it for years and tired of saying the full name, so it created an easier-to-say nickname.

Yes, I’m reading into it, but I just get a huge kick out of the line.

And I love when the gays are featured in ads – even if it’s in a somewhat creepy way. Honesty, though, this is just an everyday occurrence that could happen to any of us.

5 thoughts on “Hello, Moto!

  1. Hello, Dan! My name is Danielle (lol) and I stumbled upon your site through Glitter Listings. I figured I’d just drop you a line to say hello!

    PS: I have a magenta Motorola RAZR, and LOVE it! 😀

  2. that cracks me up – i do exactly the same thing sometimes, i’ll just walk around the house and go “hello moto” in that funny little accent.

    i just warms my heart that i’m not the only complete lunatic out there who does this 🙂

  3. I don’t know how you found this ad so funny, IMO there are huge homophobe vibes in that ad.

    Maybe it’s just me, but the guy moving away in the pool after realizing the other is gay and the fact that it’s made into such a thing, is not cool.

    The gay guy in this ad is very hot, but that’s about the extent of what’s good about this ad.

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