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Things You Just Don’t See at Home

05.20.2011 · Posted in Travel

So many grown men in such tiny little bathing suits. Guy riding a moped at top speed down a busy street with ragged clothes, lurched over with a hunchback, a pink bag tied up and hanging from his clenched teeth, and a plastic crate bunjee-corded to the back of the bicycle holding a tea-cup Chihuahua ...

A Monday of Leisure

05.17.2011 · Posted in Travel

Chorizo and eggs at CoCo’s Kitchen by default. The food is excellent, the price is reasonable, and the service at this place is outstanding. My morning coffee intake has increased, as their constant refills encourage faster consumption. I’m a victim in all this. Patio at Dee’s has some of the usual suspects returning now that ...

The Same, but Different

05.15.2011 · Posted in Travel

Sunday morning I sleep in a bit, making my way downstairs around 9:30. I head down to the beach and find that the old Bite Me Beach Club has re-opened, after having been closed during last year’s visit. This is exciting because they served excellent food and the setting on the beach is excellent. Now ...

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Back in Vallarta

05.15.2011 · Posted in Travel

I had a project cancelled and a bug in my ass to get outta town, so I’m back in Vallarta. I tried the condo rental route again, but the trip was so last minute that I wasn’t able to find anything. After an hour or so of checking various hotel rates and tripadvisor reviews, I ...

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