… and I am Somebody male. in my thirties. recovering alcoholic. live in minneapolis. work in progress. gay. serenity please.

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03.31.2008 · Posted in Autobiographical

I was tagged by my friend Tim Brunelle, to post this meme. It’s been a while and this one looked fun, so I’ve obliged. Others in this storm include Matt Dickman, Valeria Maltoni, and Ann Handley. 4 PLACES I’VE BEEN In the shower of the Presidential Suite at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Just ...


03.26.2008 · Posted in Autobiographical

I’ve never been a fan of school. I was always too antsy to sit through class. I was rarely interested in what the teacher was talking about, but tried desperately to convince them that that I was right there with ’em. In high school I used to go to an extra class in the morning, ...

Hell Hath Frozen Over

03.25.2008 · Posted in Technology

My Dad started teaching me to code in BASIC when I was five. My Mom taught me about home row and how to type when I was in the second grade. I’m that guy you call when you can’t figure out how to connect to your wireless network. I’ve been on a PC my entire ...