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The Bad Waitress and me

09.26.2007 · Posted in Autobiographical, Home / Minneapolis

Broke my usual habit of going to Vera’s this evening to stop in at The Bad Waitress. I like it here. Good, cheap food. Jukebox. dimly lit. Free wireless. No-nonsense staff, who, despite the name, are actually pretty cool. I stole the image off their website. Nobody sue me, please. There are young, just-turned 21 ...

Computer Crash Hysteria

09.23.2007 · Posted in Autobiographical, Technology

You’d think I would have learned my lesson after the last time my computer went kaput. In fact, I had. I setup a nightly syncing mechanism that would copy everything onto another drive on my home network. Then I started a sober house and the extra computer, and the hard drive space it included, went ...

Sponsee Number Five’s Suicide

09.17.2007 · Posted in Recovery

Following up on a post from a couple of weeks ago about a potential fifth sponsee … After skipping out on our initial meeting at Vera’s I never saw or heard from him again. I’d actually forgotten about it. After all, people had asked me to sponsor them in the past and done nothing further. ...

Calhoun from Zen

09.08.2007 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

My friend Mark took this photo of Lake Calhoun after getting out of a meditation meeting at the Minnesota Zen Center. The photo was taken using his iPhone, so the resolution isn’t of superb quality, but the end result is beautiful nonetheless. ...

I-35W Bridge Collapse

09.05.2007 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

On Labor Day I rode down to the bridge site with my friend Jason. I had made the trip once before, the weekend after the collapse, but at that time my camera’s batteries were dead and they weren’t allowing anyone close enough to see anything. This turned out to be the weekend they opened the ...

Sponsee Number Five

09.02.2007 · Posted in Recovery

… hasn’t showed. I’ve sat at Vera’s for an hour. Okay, so I brought my laptop and haven’t otherwise just been sitting here staring out the window in hopes that he’ll show. (As if!) I actually met him a couple of months ago while at the Friday night Proud AA meting. He was in treatment ...